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Darkness of Lulu

Beyond Reality

Darkness Of Lulu
11 October 1985
Sakana the purple goldfish
my pet!

Hi my name is Liz and I am 21 years old and I am a Pet Care Advisor at Perky Pets, Oakham, Rutland (UK). Animals and caring for them is my main number 1 interest, and i love my job very much. If there is an animal in need and I know i can help it, i will do everything in my power to do so.

I also do freelance photography on the side for family & friends, or whoever wants my services. I have done several weddings, parties and family portraits. I have also worked for Little Pink Faery and produced images for her Hair Falls businness.

I spent a lot of my spare time on the internet, or looking after my many animals. I have a dog, a cat, a coldwater aquarium, 5 syrian hamsters, 2 roborovski hamsters, a tarantula, a parrot, a stick insect and 3 giant african land snails. In a few weeks time I should be getting 2 ferret kits. I also help out at a local retired racing greyhound rescue centre. I help out running the website as well as fundraising and visiting the rescue and taking dogs out for the day.

I like watching films, my favourite film is Labyrinth or any of the Ginger Snaps trilogy. I also like anime series such as Inuyasha and Naruto. Not to mention, i also play computer games such as Ultima Online,and other roleplaying games. My favourite game of all time has to be Final Fantasy X, which i am playing now.

My boyfriend and I have our own Uo Gateway shard which is now open to the public. If you play UO free shards, check out Merveilles Wonderland!

I also have a thing about fairy wings and pretty things....but who doesn't??